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Posted By: ArynMcClure
Posted On: November 4th, 2019
Attending: Munster Technology University



This past week I had my coaching debut and boy it was one for the books!

Lets start from the beginning …

I arrive to the gym about 40 mins before the game to get mentally prepared because I was so nervous. I asked my assistant coach from my super league team for a drawing board so I can write the plays down for the girls and explain some x and o’s during timeouts.

They’re u12 games a head of us so, ¬†I sit and watch some of the games and watch other coaches dynamics and gestures because I’m not too familiar with Fiba rules. As it gets closer to the game I’m talking with a few of my girls who seem nervous and excited to play at the same time. I was in the same boat as them but obviously couldn’t show it as their coach so I cracked a couple of jokes to loosen up the atmosphere and to boost their confidence up.

The u12 games are over and my game is about to begin.

It was hard for me to select a starting 5 so I just closed my eyes and the first 5 I saw, started. Not the best tactic I suppose but sometimes you just have to go with it lol.

The first quarter wasn’t bad both teams missed shots and were scoring back and fourth.

I think it was the second quarter where things began to get interesting to say the least. One of my players gets the rebound and scores into the other teams basket, another one of my girls dribbles it off her foot during a one on none fast break, and the other teams post player was like Maya Moore on the offensive glass, just getting put back after put back. We were down 4 at the end of the first and then by half time we were down 16.

As a coach I had to regroup and change my game plan. Halftime I realized the difference between a player and a coach is control. As a player your coach gives you direction but you control 97% of the game on the court. A coach most likely has 3% control of what’s going on and what can happen. The rest of the 97% is pure hope that your players implement what you teach and execute the game plan.

At Halftime I talked to my girls who looked a little defeated about the process of adversity. That obstacles are meant to be overcome and that the most important thing is to a have fun and enjoy the game.

The third quarter was better we cut the scored to 10, but with a few players in foul trouble and a lot of my players not knowing the plays the game slipped away again the 4th. The score was 31-51. At first I felt defeated that my first game as a coach I lost and that L was on me. But, then we huddled up at the end as a team and everyone of my girls had a smile on their face. They cared that they lost but they cared more about how they enjoyed the game and had fun while doing it. In that moment I realized that basketball isn’t about wins and losses, it’s about the relationships you build and the bond you make with peers who become life long friends and that will impact your life!

This season might have more losses than wins (hopefully more wins), but I rather see 12 smiles at the end of every game then to beat a team by 20!

Stay tuned!

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