It’s the little things

Posted By: KaitlynSlagus
Posted On: November 5th, 2019
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

You never really realize all the little things that you take for granted until the little things become big challenges. Things like how am I going to get from point A to point B, where am I going to go to get my eyebrows done or to get a haircut, and why does this oven not cook right? In The States I never lived in a place where I had to rely on public transportation. I always had my car and could jump in it anytime and drive to where ever I wanted to go. Here, when I have a free day and I want to plan to go somewhere I have to immediately look at the bus or train schedule to figure out what time and plan out how I am getting there.

For a while now, I knew I needed to get my haircut but where was I even supposed to go? At home you have your go-to place that you have probably used for years. But how was I supposed to know where to go here? So I hoped for the best and decided to just go to a place right by my apartment. After a shaky start of trying to relay that I just wanted a simple cut, it ended up turning out fine, maybe slightly shorter than I would have wanted, but I was just happy it was over with.

Hollow cookies, muffins that had sunken tops, a simple cake that took 4 hours to bake… I know what you’re thinking it’s the cooks… but although I may have thought the same thing for the cookies, when the muffins didn’t cook right and the cake took four hours, I’m starting to think it’s not just the cooks.

As I finish this blog post, I just got back from a walk around town where I had full intentions of not stopping at the grocery store, so I purposefully left without a bag. But there I was, an hour later, left with no bag and walking back across town with some groceries in my hands and thinking how much I miss my car.

So to the little things at home,

I’m sorry I every took you for granted.

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