Munster Rugby

Posted By: IanMorris
Posted On: November 10th, 2019
Attending: Limerick Institute of Technology

The Munster rugby match was unreal. I’ve been to professional sporting events in the states before but this rugby match was unforgettable. First off, it was freezing watching this outside and I definitely should have brought a hat to cover my ears. I could easily see my breath whenever I breathed. Secondly, Reece and I both did not know many of the rules and regulations in rugby so we asked a lot of questions about the game to random strangers and everyone was so friendly and willing to answer many of our questions. 

Now back to the match, it was really intense to see these guys going full speed at one another and colliding into each other. A couple of players got injured over the course of the game on both Ulster and Munsters team. Which I wasn’t too surprised to see. It really is a sport that is clearly grueling on an athletes body but these guys play with such pride and tenacity that whatever happens to them on the field they seem to be okay with. They are also paid professional athletes which is also why they put their bodies on the line for every game.

Anyway, I just loved going to a sporting event where the fans had such pride about their team. They were constantly cheering for Munster and the fans seemed as if they were very loyal to the program. And the guys on the field played as if it could have been there last game. Truthfully, it was very refreshing to see other athletes giving it their all on the field for the love of their team and people within their community. It just felt overall like a very wholesome experience.

Additionally, it was great to see the home team, Munster win in the end too. The final score was 22-16. Ulster almost had a chance to win it in the last couple of minutes but they blew their chances! Which was lucky for us!

In conclusion, I will be back to try and see another game this season! That was too incredible of an experience to do just once in my time here in Limerick. 

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