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Posted By: MorganODonnell
Posted On: November 4th, 2019
Attending: Griffith College

Halloween is one of my absolute FAVORITE holidays of all time. Why?

  1. I love seeing how creative everyone can be with costumes
  2. carving faces into pumpkins is the strangest tradition you could imagine
  3. there are so many fantastic halloween movies
  4. CANDY

Back at home, I live on a very busy street, so getting kids to come to our house never happened, so I never gave out candy before. We also would never carve pumpkins, because they were always messy and no one was very good at it. My mother is also a nutritionist, so I was only allowed to keep FOUR (4) pieces of candy from my halloween collection, and the rest were donated or given to friends. So this year for halloween, I wanted it to be different

This year, 2 of my teammates and I looked for pumpkins to carve. The store was all out, so we had to go with plan B: butternut squash. I would definitely recommend using butternut squash instead of pumpkins because they come in all different shapes and sizes, and they’re small enough that everyone can do their own. They’re also easier to carve than a regular pumpkin.

On Halloween night, my 2 teammates and I sat at the dining room table and patiently waited for the kids to arrive. Please watch the video below to see our reaction to the first bunch of trick or treaters!

Finally, the amount of leftover candy was absurd, and to someone who never got to eat all her halloween candy, it was a dream come true (To my mom who might be reading this: I didn’t eat a ton, just more than you normally would’ve let me)

Something that was different that I enjoyed was that Irish people do fireworks and bonfires for halloween! I got to watch a firework show and see a huge bonfire from my bedroom window.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Stay spooky 🙂


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