To my fellow foodies…

Posted By: BrandonBerry
Posted On: November 25th, 2019
Attending: Sligo Institute of Technology

I recently stumbled across a cool article titled “Sligo is Quickly Becoming the Trendiest Foodie Spot in Ireland” and this couldn’t be further from the truth. People who know me and have spent any amount of time with me know that I love eating. I eat anything, anytime and anywhere. Going along with that, I love exploring new restaurants and trying new food. Sligo hasn’t disappointed. I’ve had some great meals during my time here and have a list of food places I need to try before my time here is up. Luckily, my teammates always make great recommendations and enjoy eating as much as I do so it makes it fairly easy to cross those places off of the list.

It’s tough to choose which meal or restaurant is my favorite, but I would ultimately choose FlipSide. This burger place is unreal. Some of the food they serve is extremely creative and most importantly tastes amazing. My go to meal there is the dictator spicy chicken burger with fries on the side, hits the spot every time. Rather than telling you about some of the food I’ve had here, I’ll show you through pictures.  My advice to anybody traveling abroad or interested in trying various foods would be “If it looks good, eat it.”

Warning: Looking at these pictures might make you extremely hungry. 

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