Unexpected Views

Posted By: KyleDixon
Posted On: November 8th, 2019
Attending: Ulster University

Car rides and road trips in Ireland are very different than back in the states. Well, maybe, just back where I’m from in Ohio. A car ride in Ohio usually consists of endless corn fields or boring highways. Car rides that make it extremely easy to fall asleep and not miss anything. Here in Ireland though; this couldn’t be any different.

Throughout some of the traveling I have done around Ireland, I have constantly found myself astonished by the views and beautiful Irish landscape. The vast and never ending sight of different shades of green are truly jaw dropping. There are constant moments where I look out the window, and the only thing I can say is “wow”. Some of these views look like something you would see when you open up a Mac book screen, and seemingly come out of nowhere. Perhaps the funniest thing about this is that I seem to be the only one in the car that’s astounded by the views. (Typical tourist) While I sit in amazement as I stare out the window, other people seem completely unaffected. I guess it is something that natives and locals get used to after awhile, but for a small town kid from Ohio, these views are unbelievable.

One of these “wow” moments came this last weekend on our trip home from Sligo. This time, though, I wasn’t the only one who’s attention was caught by the view. Luckily, everybody in the car was taken back with what they saw out the car window, and decided to stop to take it in further. The picture below is a pano I took from standing outside of the car. While the picture doesn’t do the view any justice, I hope it shows a brief idea of just how amazing some of these views truly are.

Overall, I have been trying my best to cherish and appreciate all of the experiences that have come my way this first 2 and a half months. (wow, that sounds crazy!!) I can only hope that I will be able to look back on my experiences here with no regrets, and with full appreciation of this beautiful country and its culture. Even if the experience is something as simple as stopping on the side of an extremely narrow country road to take in a view.

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