2019 Recap

Posted By: KaitlynSlagus
Posted On: January 2nd, 2020
Attending: Institute of Technology Carlow

Oh what a year it has been. As I am sitting on my flight heading back to Ireland to finish the second semester of school, coaching, and playing, I found myself going through pictures on my phone and looking back at everything that has happened in the past year. It is crazy just how much can happen in 365 days. As we are about to enter a new decade, here are a list of the top things that have happened in 2019:

-Winning the Patriot League Championship with my team and playing in the NCAA tournament

-Graduating with my undergraduate degree

-Getting my 2 golden doodle puppies

-Flying a plane

– Moving to another country and constantly being challenged with new experiences

Although I wish this flight would go( a lot) faster, I am thankful for everything I have been able to do this past year and I am so excited to bring in the new decade to see what all else is to come!


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