Episode 11: Kinsale, the town by the Water!

Posted By: ArynMcClure
Posted On: January 29th, 2020
Attending: Munster Technology University

I knew Ireland was a country surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. I also, heard that there are beautiful places by the coast to visit so I decided to drive 40 mins from the city and explore a little town called Kinsale.

Boy, am I glad I did!

The drive was nothing more than short with the view of the country side and steep roads. But, the view was worth it. I visited Charles Fort, which was 3 euros with a student discount!

The Fort was approx. 80 acres of historical content. There were barracks, hidden places, and displays.

The fort oversaw the town of Kinsale and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Coming from NYC our beaches and water isn’t the cleanest. But, the Kindle water was the freshest and most beautiful clear royal blue water I’ve ever seen. The way the water bashed against the costal rocks was like in a movie.

After the Fort, I went to Bullman’s restaurant which was less than 3 minutes down the road. I heard that Kinsale had the best seafood. So, I tried the Irish Prawn sandwich which was marvelous, it had prawn in a mayonnaise and avocado spread on wheat bread.

I then went shopping into town and the shops and people were amazing. There was a sounvienr shop that explained the history of surnames. I looked up mine in the system and it said that my surname was derived from Scotland and parts of England, which I found interesting.

But, overall I had an amazing experience and will definelty make another trip to Kinsale!


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