Episode 5: Add it to the resume

Posted By: ArynMcClure
Posted On: January 22nd, 2020
Attending: Munster Technology University

Add Social media operations to the resume!

So, I have been blessed with the opportunity to play for a Super league team with so much history that I thought I would help contribute to the club in a different way than just on the court.

I knew my club has been seeking opportunities to acquire funding and I thought that the missing component is the social media aspect.

Social media can be defined as a hard concept to understand especially if you’re not familiar with it. But, I understand the basics and I have researched the different tactics to increase engagement and followers for the club to reach more people for donations.

The instagram is @brunellladies, yes there are three L’s in the username. Give it a follow as it gives information on not only the Brunell Ladies Superleague team but all of the teams of the Brunell Ladies!!

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