Episode 7- In NEW YOOOORK!

Posted By: KadeemSmithen
Posted On: January 26th, 2020
Attending: Ulster University


Over the Christmas break, I had the opportunity to go to Queens, New York and spend the holidays with my extended family and also my immediate family who met up with me on Christmas Eve. This was long overdue because we’ve all, always talked about having a lot more family gatherings and due to the fact that I was always at school for basketball I was unable to attend the majority of the ones that they have had over the years. So when the opportunity presented itself to me of being in NY for Christmas instead of being back home in Canada, I had to jump at it with no hesitation; and it has to admit it was one of the best Christmases that our family has had in a while.

Now do not get me wrong, every time my extended and immediate family get together it is always a fun time because we all like to sing, dance, crack jokes and most importantly eat all the food we possibly can in one sitting. However, this time was more special just because it was the first time that it was done in New York because usually it is done in Virginia at my other aunt’s house or in Canada at my family’s place.

We were all able to catch up on stories, help each other with problems and of course bother my sister about how she should have started her singing career already because she has the voice of an angel. That’s the best part of the family get-togethers though, having them hold you accountable for things you can do and always have belief and faith in you. To be honest, if it wasn’t for them I would not have had the courage to come over to Ireland to further my education. My family is special because they always push for everyone (regardless of location) to do better in what they have pride or interest in. We have each other’s backs at all times and are always just a call away to help.

So this holiday was more than just a Christmas party to us; it is more of a reminder that we are always here for each other and no matter the circumstances we can always get on each other and be there for each other no matter the situation.

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