Episode 9: PROMO, PROMO, and more Promos

Posted By: ArynMcClure
Posted On: January 29th, 2020
Attending: Munster Technology University

Since, I’ve started to become the Social Media director for Brunell. The job has come with a lot of responsibility and last minute assignments lol. My head coached insisted that I shoot the promotional video for Basketball Ireland for the cup semis. I was honored that he chose me to do the video, but thought that it I should incorporate the team and also the faces of Brunell who have played for this organizations majority of their lives.

My vision for the video was to do a serious and intimidating video that consisted of interviews and bad ass graphics but that’s not my team haha. We practiced on a Wednesday night and it was raining so the b role I captured outside wasn’t so great but ┬ámade the most of it.

My team was goofy and cracking jokes so my vision was out the window. I was able to get two interviews in (shoutout to Aoife and Dannielle) because everyone else was camera shy. I took about 30 videos but only 10 were usable but I made the most of it and got the job done.

I edited the video for about 3 hours and then my editing system crashed! NOOOO! But, I persevered through a little adversity and started again the next morning and the video was due by noon and I finished around 2 hahaha. but, then the video did not send to my phone from my laptop and I submitted it around 9 and the representative for Basketball Ireland was very nice about the late submission.

The video didn’t upload with the best quality but It served its point and I’m happy to say that it’s one of my first official projects and will only get better from here. Stay tuned for more videos by @eyeoftheathlete!

Thank you!

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