It’s Good to be Back

Posted By: PeterHoffmann
Posted On: January 29th, 2020
Attending: Munster Technology University

Now that I have settled back down in Cork again after a great visit home, it’s back to business. Our team is currently in a really tough spot, having lost five regular-season games now to put us in the middle of the league. We have a big matchup this weekend for the Cup semi-finals against Tempelogue, a team we lost to earlier in the season. However, my teammates are expressing to me that the atmosphere will be incredible in Neptune, as it’s a big weekend gathering for the Irish basketball community. I am very excited to get back to it this weekend and our team has been working hard to change our current narrative.

As the new year is in full swing, I am excited to tackle new challenges and new explore new places. Last semester, I did not have the opportunity to visit any other country as my schedule was busy. However, I hope to embark on a couple of adventures during the spring to places I have always wanted to visit. Additionally, I hope some of the other Victory Scholars can join me since I have not seen many of them since September. When I initially left Belfast, I thought that I would have the opportunity to see the other Scholars more often than what has occurred. It would be great to visit them in the various towns they reside in and continue to explore everything Ireland has to offer.

Overall, I am just as excited to be back in Cork as I was at the start of the year. I plan to keep building on what I have done so far and working with Sport Changes Life to make an impact!

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