Emmy Reflects On Her Placement Experience With Sport Changes Life

December 18th, 2023 | NEWS

Hi everyone, I’m Emmy, a year 12 student at Dromore High School. I have just finished my work placement at Sport Changes Life and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

I have been playing sport my whole life and have tried many different types but hockey is the one I enjoy the most where I play for both the school and Dromore Ladies Hockey Club. During the summer I had the opportunity to go to South Africa on a 3 week hockey tour which was amazing. Visiting a new country and playing the sport I love.

To me sport is a release, the stress and pressure of schoolwork and exams. It is a way of taking my mind off things as it gives me focus, fresh air, I meet up with my team mates, it improves my own personal ability and all whilst having fun. My passion for wanting to pursue sports studies comes from PE in school which is my favourite subject. I am currently studying PE at GCSE level and hope to do it for A level.

During my work experience at Sport Changes Life I have been able to do lots of different activities giving me a flavour of how sport can be used in different situations to help people’s health, both physically and mentally.  My favourite activity was the primary school festival I attended because I got to see how sport brings people together. I witnessed sports uniting young people and the teamwork it created. People that had never met before put in groups and through the use of the sporting activities had encouraged them to communicate with each other as a team and friendships formed.

I would definitely recommend Sport Changes Life as a work placement as it gives a real insight into what sport is all about and how it can help people and improve their physical and mental health.



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