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September 22nd, 2022 | NEWS

A Traveller’s Guide to Living in Ireland

DISCLAIMER: I have lived in Ireland for less than a month. I cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracies of any of these tips or the subsequent laughter from a local due to the usage of my tips.

  1. Appreciate the views. There’s a lot of livestock so that may not be too impressive to my Kansans, & not to make you bitter, but it is a bit greener as they do get just a little bit more rain here. From the ‘homey’ & warm feel of the towns to the exciting streets of Dublin to the comforting countryside. It is all unique in its own way & easy to wander in forever.
  2. Figure out “what the craic” is. If it’s “good craic” then it’s the place to be.
  3. Go to Tesco at least once a day. This might be a bit dramatic, but hey, I’ve gone twice in a day. Lucky for me it’s only a quick walk from my apartment. I could browse in Tesco for hours & still not get bored.
  4. Watch out for bikes. They’re everywhere. I love it, & I might need to get one of my own, but I have had my fair share of near misses so keep that in mind when you think the coast is clear to cross the street.
  5. Rain boots are a must. This is likely an obvious one to most, but yes, you need to make that extra room in your suitcase, or you might be making a quick trip to Penney’s.
  6. All aboard the choo choo train. Public transportation is the best thing since sliced bread over here. Buses, trains, taxis you name it, it’s all available & super affordable. So, ditch the car (you’re going to want to drive on the wrong side anyway) & wave down that taxi.
  7. On that note, be sure to look right before crossing the street. Similar to the bikes, I might have had too many close calls for comfort.
  8. If you’re under the impression that everything is a bit more relaxed over here on “Irish time,” you’d be correct. Most people aren’t in a rush, they’re just happy to be here, & I love it. Well, that applies to everything except the speed at which they talk. My mom thinks I talk fast, boy is she in for a surprise. I’ve cracked the code, though. You either just laugh & nod your head & hope it wasn’t a question, or just reply at twice the speed so they can’t understand you & now everybody is wonderfully confused.
  9. For my basketball players. A few tips would be centered around the lingo. Baseline? What’s that? It’s called the endline. You might get a sense of panic when your coach says, “get on the baseline.” Well, it applies all the same when you hear “get on the endline.” Chances are you’re about to run your tail off. If you’re dressing out for practice, no you’re not. You’re dressing out for training.
  10. Enjoy it. Cheesy, I know, but sometimes it is nice to just sit back & remember I’m getting to live in a beautiful country, full of wonderful people, playing & coaching the sport I love.
  11. Last but most certainly not least, “cheers” is the end all be all to fitting in over here. Have I overused it? Absolutely, but what’s more fun than thanking someone with a hearty “cheers”? Nothing.

‘Cheers’, until next time!


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