Victory Scholar Blogs 22/23 – Zach Light (Uni. of Galway) | ‘Keep showing up!’ |

December 14th, 2022 | NEWS

‘Keep Showing Up’

A major part of routine comes down to accepting the outcome of each day. Whether it’s basketball, school, coaching, or life in general, relying on a process of forming habits is monumentally important in progressing and learning. I think that has been a major point of emphasis in my first few months here. This idea comes down to the little things. I titled this blog after a conversation with fellow scholar Freeman Brou after the first week of orientation, and I believe that this quote will continue to be a staple for the rest of my time here.

In basketball, we show up to lift, meetings, film, and practice all for our next game. That preparation then compounds into a whole season, with the hopeful result of lifting both the cup and league trophies. This is something that has been on the team’s agenda since day one, and I firmly believe that we can’t achieve our goal without doing the little things in each practice, each warmup, and each possession in every game.

In school, we show up to class, take notes, and put in the extra time necessary all for our next exam. The same game plan as before, except we shift gears to make it more of a personal goal for ourselves. We set out to achieve something, and work to the best of our abilities to get that result. This, in an essence, is the underlying, personal motivation that the Victory Scholar program has made me realize. While we strive to raise aspirations through sport, serve as role models to teens and children in our community, and encourage personal development, we also must teach ourselves how to appreciate the process that goes into these goals.

Realizing these details during my time here has given me the confidence to balance my schedule and prepare for what might be coming next. However, at the same time, it is important to enjoy the opportunities that the process has to offer. This could mean stopping in Oranmore on a walk to practice to appreciate the scenery, enjoying a live band at Quay’s on a relaxing Sunday evening, or sitting down with your class peers and learning more about them in between classes.

Overall, the idea of “showing up every day” and “enjoying the process” have become more evident in my time here. While these phrases may be simple in nature, they are timeless in the sense that they apply to aspects of everyday life for every individual. There is beauty in understanding that you are working to be a part of something greater than yourself, whether that be a team, community, and family.


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