Active Ageing Programme

Here at Sport Changes Life we aim to improve people’s day to day lifestyles regardless of your age, by using sport as a tool for engagement.

Increasing levels of physical activity

Our over 50’s group at the Valley Leisure Centre offers sports such as badminton, pickleball, indoor bowls, boccia and table tennis and is aimed at people who are mobile and still enjoy being active. For those less mobile we run programmes in nursing homes, independent living areas and community centres. We deliver armchair based activities as a way of getting people active.

Reducing Social Isolation

Whilst we offer plenty pf options to participate in sport and physical activity we recognise that not every older person is fortunate to have family or friends still present. Therefore we provide a friendly face and frequent social contact that might otherwise be lacking or absent in the numerous nursing homes and independent living areas.This brings joys and happiness to many faces each week.

Improving Physical & Mental Well-Being

In each site we run our active ageing programme, we deliver 6 weekly sessions with the final week consisting of bringing all sites together for a festival of sport and ‘social gathering’. The aim of the day is to run a series of competitive games with rewards, refreshments and spare time to meet other people living similar lives and allow sport to be the reason that bring us all together. This is wonderful for the body and mind.

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