Duane Harper

  • University: Institute of Technology Carlow
  • Course: Strength and Conditioning
  • Club: IT Carlow
  • Age: 22


Hello, my name is Duane Harper Jr. (DJ) and I am ecstatic to be a part of the Victory Scholar Program. I am from Upper Marlboro, Maryland and have spent my undergraduate years playing basketball at McDaniel College. At McDaniel, I earned a Bachelors of Arts degree studying Kinesiology with a minor in Performance, Fitness, and Conditioning. Playing basketball has given me lifelong friendships and experiences that I will never forget. In my senior season, I made school history by scoring the most points in a game since 2013 and was on the Conference’s All-Sportsmanship Team.
I will be attending the Institute of Technology Carlow and studying Strength and Conditioning. The game of basketball has taught me so much in my life and has opened many doors for me to share my experience with others. I have always dreamed of traveling to another country, playing the sport I love, and lending a hand to the generations behind me. I am looking forward to learning about and living in the culture of Ireland, working with the youth community and encouraging them to pursue their dreams and goals.

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