Jessica Porter

  • University: Trinity College Dublin
  • Course: Marketing
  • Club: Meteors
  • Age: 23


Hello! My name is Jessica Porter, I’m from Narberth, Pennsylvania and feel extremely fortunate to be a Victory Scholar! I graduated Cum Laude from Gettysburg College with a Management and Religion double major, and Business minor. I’ll be receiving my Masters in Marketing at Trinity College Dublin.

Some of my basketball accomplishments include All-Region honors, 1st Team All-Centennial Conference, Rookie of the Year, 1000 point club, as well as the Conference Individual Sportsmanship Award recipient and Academic All-Centennial team.

My involvement in service made me realize that outreach not only brings happiness to those in need, but also benefits me through the friendships I develop. This is what excites me the most for SCL. Through basketball, I hope to inspire children to be hardworking and caring people. The power of an individual’s kind actions can create great changes. I can’t wait to see what changes we make as Victory Scholars!

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