Madison Ward

  • University: Cork Institute of Technology
  • Course: International Business
  • Club: Brunell
  • Age: 22


Hiii!! My name is Madison Ward, and I am so excited to be starting the next chapter of my life as a Victory Scholar for Sport Changes Life. I originate from an awesome place in upstate NY, Binghamton, but have spent the last four years studying Health Science at Merrimack College, in Massachusetts. At Merrimack I was on the Women’s Basketball Team all four years, and elected captain my senior year. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue my education and basketball career at Cork Institute of Technology where I will be studying International Business.

I grew up with a basketball in my hands. Basketball is my family’s game; it has given me amazing opportunities, and has become one of my biggest passions. I am beyond excited to embark on a new adventure, 3,000 miles across the pond and share my love of the game with others.

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