Reece Dupler

  • University: Limerick Institute of Technology
  • Course: Marketing and Management Strategy
  • Club: LIT
  • Age: 22


Hello everyone! My name is Reece Dupler and I can’t express how excited I am to become a Victory Scholar.  I’m from Newark, OH, which is a small town near Columbus, OH. I attended the College of Wooster and graduated with a degree in Business Economics.

During my four-year career as a Fighting Scot, I was able to help carry on the tradition of the winningest NCAA team of the 2000s. Individually, I was a four-year starter, a three-time All-Conference honoree, an All-Region honoree, and a 1500-point scorer. I was also named a captain my senior year. As a team, we were able to win two regular season conference championships and one conference tournament championship. We reached the NCAA tournament all four years, and were able to make an NCAA tournament run where we reached the Division III “Elite 8”. I’ve been blessed with the teammates and coaches I have had that pushed me to have the best collegiate experience possible.

This upcoming school year I will be attending Limerick Institute of Technology where I will be pursuing my Masters of Business in Marketing and Business Administration. As a Victory Scholar, I’m seeking to be a difference maker amongst youth in the community. As a mentor, I will be provided with an opportunity to give back to others that may not have had the same opportunities that I have had. I’m thrilled to be a part of this program and can’t wait to get started!

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