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Ebony Wells

  • Current University: NIU Galway
  • Course: Human Resource Management
  • Club: NUIG Mystics
  • Age: 24


Hi!! My name is Ebony Wells, and I am from Grovetown, Ga. I was born in Kansas, but since my father was in the military I had the pleasure of living in a number of different states and countries. In addition to other states, I have also lived in Germany and visited various other countries to include Hong Kong and Singapore. Before attending Ireland, I will have finished a Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Master’s Degree in Finance at La Salle University while playing basketball. Upon arrival, I will be attending the National University of Ireland Galway to study Human Resource Management. During my time at La Salle, I had the pleasure of serving as team co-captain for two years, while also receiving Dean’s List honors and Beta Gamma Sigma recognition.


I applied for the Victory Scholar Program in hopes of being able to impact the lives of other young people through the sport in which I’ve been given a gift. I believe that basketball is a universal language so that no matter where we come from or what our experiences have been, we can come together and not only communicate effectively, but also change the lives of ourselves and others for the better. I aspire to leave a better person than I was when I got there, while also leaving a positive impact on those I have the pleasure of coming into contact with. 

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