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Randyll Butler

  • Current University: Ulster University
  • Course: Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Club: Ulster Elks
  • Age: 22


Hi friends!!! Randyll here, but I mostly go by Randy. I am beyond excited to be a part of the Sport Changes Life family as a Victory Scholar. I just recently graduated from Colgate University where I majored in Sociology, minored in Education, and was a four-year varsity player for the women's basketball team.

I will be studying Sport and Exercise Psychology at Ulster University, and playing for Ulster Elks basketball club. I will also be working with the eHoops program in addition with SCL, in hopes to catapult the youth of Northern Ireland to a brighter future. Sport has changed my life and has helped me push towards my dreams. I am ecstatic to be apart of a program that does the same for young people and am anxious to see this year's dreams unfold!

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Colgate University
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