Raychelle Santos

  • University: Ulster University
  • Course: Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Club: Holywood Golf Club
  • Age: 22


Hi my name is Raychelle and I am beyond excited to be part of the Sport Changes Life team as a Victory Scholar and one of the first golfers to join the team. I am originally from La Quinta, CA but spent my undergrad in Spokane, WA as a Zag at Gonzaga University. I have a degree in Sport Management with a minor in Promotions. I was fortunate to live out my dream being a student athlete at a Division I school and was blessed to be part of a golf team that was part of many firsts like making it to posteason.

Through my time at Gonzaga University I discovered what it meant to be part of something bigger and to give back to the community. I can’t wait to be part of something bigger at Sport Changes Life while pursing a higher education and playing golf!

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